Welome to 1D1M

A personal project site by Squid

This website and it’s services are run (as of writing) on 1 server and by 1 dude, Squid.

Minecraft: mc.1d1m.xyz
Only written rule is no hax, everything else that happens, happens.

Factorio: factorio.1d1m.xyz

Discord Server

IRC: irc.1d1m.xyz 6667 More is planned, but I’ll be asking you guys on what to prioritize (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Launching IRC

IRC, a new (old) way to chat Today, I begin the experimental public launch of my IRC server. Currently, I only have unsecured port 6667 chat working right now to test out these new waters, so to the more anxious of you I apologize. Some of the wonders of IRC is the ability to use whatevr client you want so long as it’s compatible with the server of choice, which also makes it somewhat tedious. [Read More]

HTTPS Support

Just added a Let’s Encrypt certificate for encrypted traffic, you’re welcome

16GB Upgrade

WOOOOOOOOOOO! We finally have 16GB of RAM! [^1] I now have the ability to now not run just 1 minecraft server, but 2. More is to come with this upgrade, such as Factorio or CS or other such games, but I hope we all look forward to an exciting year with a raised resource ceiling. [^1] Special thanks to my grandparents for this opportunity, probably wouldn’t have bought this on my own. [Read More]


A new service will be available in the near future…

Lookout for the dragonfruit