Welome to 1D1M

A personal project site by Squid

This website and it’s services are run (as of writing) on 1 server and by 1 dude, Squid.

Minecraft: mc.1d1m.xyz
Only written rule is no hax, everything else that happens, happens.

Factorio: factorio.1d1m.xyz

Discord Server

More is planned, but I’ll be asking you guys on what to prioritize (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

HTTPS Support

Just added a Let’s Encrypt certificate for encrypted traffic, you’re welcome

16GB Upgrade

WOOOOOOOOOOO! We finally have 16GB of RAM! [^1] I now have the ability to now not run just 1 minecraft server, but 2. More is to come with this upgrade, such as Factorio or CS or other such games, but I hope we all look forward to an exciting year with a raised resource ceiling. [^1] Special thanks to my grandparents for this opportunity, probably wouldn’t have bought this on my own. [Read More]


A new service will be available in the near future…

Lookout for the dragonfruit